The 5 Best Extra Small SUVS for 2023 According to Edmunds

If there ever was a battlefield market, it’s the small world. These SUVs may look small, but they can fit all five passengers, enough luggage for at least a weekend road trip, and look great. Basically, all of these extras start at under $25,000 and are fuel efficient to boot. Who are the favorites for Edmunds in 2023?

What is an extra small SUV?

2022 Mazda CX-30 Interior | Mazda

SUVs suit the needs of many of us, and these five are some of the smallest you can buy. The EPA would call these subcompact SUVs, usually measured by fuel economy, practicality, and style, not performance or off-road ability. is a site that rates and reviews new and used cars, and in this case, all of the small SUVs on the list cost under $25,000.

The name is still new to many, but this SUV was all new for 2021 and is the brand’s smallest SUV. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty of room behind its shrunken Atlas appearance. In fact, its 66 cubic feet of rear cargo space is among the best. It has just 158 ​​horsepower on tap and can be overwhelmed by 4Motion all-wheel drive.

For 2023, it doesn’t get many new updates. The VW Taos starts at $24,155. Still, the SE version includes many of the features we want, like remote start, wireless charging, and VW’s suite of driving aids called IQ.DRIVE for $28,925.

No. 2: Chevrolet Trailblazer

2023 Chevy SUV
2023 Chevy Pioneer | Chevrolet

Like the Vee-Dub, the Trrailblazer launched in 2021. Likewise, it doesn’t see big changes for 2023. While it won’t set any dragstrip records with its 155-horsepower three-cylinder, it could win your heart with the his smart touches. The rear seats fold flat, but so does the front passenger seat, so you can stow extra long items like surfboards in the back. The exterior is designed to be funky, but the interior has been designed to be functional with a well laid out cabin and the upper finishes look downright exclusive.

The Trailblazer starts at $22,100, which at just $400 more than a Trax, makes that little SUV seem superfluous.

No. 3: Mazda CX-30

A blue Mazda CX-30 subcompact SUV is driving on the road.
The Mazda CX-30 | Mazda

In the world of small SUVs, enthusiasts know it for its nimble, agile handling. The CX-30 may not be for everyone, with a tougher ride and a mighty 191 horsepower on tap. But this little SUV checks many of the boxes buyers want, like a modern interior, premium materials, and even a hot 256-horsepower turbocharged version.

It starts at $22,950. The turbocharged engine may not be worth the premium as you have to upgrade to the 2.5 Turbo Premium package, which starts at $33,800.

#4: Buick Encore GX

The Buick Encore is gone, but long the Encore GX. Like the Trailblazer, which shares an engine (and fold-down front seat), the Buick Encore GX isn’t a performance SUV. But it offers a lot of value in a luxury adjacent package that looks great and gets great gas mileage. While it does a good job of approximating a luxury SUV, don’t confuse it with one.

Think of the Encore GX as a well-equipped, smoother riding, Trailblazer with more traditional styling. It starts at $25,900.

No. 5: Hyundai Kona

A 2022 white Hyundai Kona N compact SUV model focused on performance
2022 Hyundai Kona N | Hyundai Motor America

Many think the Hyundai Kona could have scored higher on Edmunds’ list. Like the Trailblazer it has a funky style that sets it apart. However, Kona comes standard with features that others make options, like driver assistance software. Still, it gets the goodies, like a bigger screen and a bumping Harman/Kardon stereo, plus an updated engine.

The base Kona has a 147-horsepower four-cylinder and starts at $21,990. The N-Line (and Limited) has a peppy 195-horsepower four-cylinder and quick dual-clutch automatic, for $27,700.

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