Increasing Prices for the 2023 Chevy Colorado Include Extra Value

It got a little stressful to see the prices of popular trucks like the Colorado go up. Sometimes, it feels like truck shoppers can’t get a break! But we do have some good news. It’s more expensive, but it also comes with a lot more!

How much does a 2023 Chevy Colorado cost?

2023 Chevy Colorado Desert Boss | Chevrolet

2023 things start at $32,190. This is for the entry-level ColoradoWT model, and the $1495 destination fee is included in the price. It’s only $1,165 more than the equally configured 2022 model.

The ZR2 comes in at $49,790, including destination charges. It’s actually $2,120 cheaper than the diesel-powered 2022 ZR2, but $1,600 more than the V6-powered ZR2.

You can no longer choose the 3.6-liter V6 with 308 horsepower and 275 lb-ft of torque or the 2.8-liter Duramax four-cylinder diesel with 181 horsepower and 369 lb-ft of torque.

But it does come with a higher-output version of the engine that generates 310 horsepower and 420 lb-ft of torque. All-wheel drive is also standard.

The base ZR2 model features aggressive suspension upgrades and a 3.0-inch lift. The track has been widened by 3.5 inches, too. It includes the upgraded multi-purpose DSSV dampers with new seals, new tuning and larger diameter shafts.

Accordingly, it is mounted on 17-inch wheels wrapped in 285 / 70R17 32.7-inch tires for mud roads. Additionally, the fifth drive mode overrides Baja mode and eliminates the need for electronically locking differentials.

Are cheaper off-road rims available in Colorado?

2023 chevy colorado price
2023 Chevy Colorado | Chevrolet

Yes, you can save with TrailBoss, which starts at around $39,990. It comes with a standard 4×4 and a Turbo Plus version of the engine.

It has a suspension that’s 2.0 inches narrower and 3.0 inches wider than the WT model. It also has the standard G80 auto-locking rear differential.

The 2023 Chevy Colorado ZR1 raises the price to $42,890. It has the same drivetrain as the Trail Boss and standard 4×4. But it also has standard twin-tube off-road shocks and 18-inch wheels wrapped in 31.2-inch tires.

It also has an Adrelaine Red interior. The leather-wrapped cloth seats feature red upholstery for a sporty feel.

So, although the 2023 Colorado comes with a slight price increase, it’s not all that bad. It comes with more power, more technology, and enhanced capabilities.

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