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Google Search Console Update: More Granular User Permissions

Google Search Console has released an update to its user permission settings.

The new update provides more granular control over what users can access within a Search Console account, improving security and making it easier for teams to collaborate.

More specific permissions

Under the new update, Search Console account owners can now grant more specific permissions to users.

This includes giving access to only certain properties or data from specific periods, which can be particularly useful for managing large teams.

Different levels of permissions

Users can now be granted different permissions within a property, such as read-only, full edit, or restricted access to edit.

This means that users can view data without making changes, make any changes they need, or make changes with some restrictions.

Safer and more efficient way to work

Google designed this update to provide a safer and more efficient way for users to work together on their Search Console accounts.

The ability to set more specific permissions for owners ensures better control over who can access Search Console data.

Users will only see information relevant to their work through the use of these controls.

Review your user permission settings

It’s a good idea to review your Search Console user permission settings to make sure your team members have access to the correct level of information.

This update is a valuable addition to Search Console for website owners and managers who want more control over their data and who want to collaborate more effectively with their teams.

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source: Google

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