Ford Willing to Pay Bronco Reservation Holders to Buy Something Else

It’s no secret that it can’t keep up with the demand for the Bronco SUV. Jeep’s rival Wrangler has sold so well since its introduction a few years ago that some owners and dealers have sold theirs for much higher than MSRP. Unfortunately, it’s now 2023 and the automaker still can’t keep up with all the orders. Now he has a new solution to the problem. Ford is willing to pay to buy something else. Like, anything else.

Ford will pay Bronco reservation holders

2023 Ford Bronco Raptor | Ford

According to , Ford dealerships nationwide reportedly received a bulletin stating that 2023 Ford Bronco customers who have an existing order have the option to pick up $2,500 in cash for a different model. Some options included by the automaker are the Maverick compact truck, Mustang, or the F-150 Tremor off-road model. Additionally, some customers can use the free $2,500 on another version of the Bronco.

it is difficult for Ford to deliver. Most likely, it is the most popular trim with the most popular features. If those orderers are willing to upgrade to a different version of the SUV, they can invest $2.5000 in cash. As a result, Ford is not only willing to pay reservation holders to buy something else, but also to pay them to buy a different version of the Bronco. According to , “The 2023 Model Bronco Order Change Incentive pays buyers to change their existing Bronco order to remove “captive products.”

What Bronco features will Ford pay to remove?

2022 Ford Bronco Wildtrak driving off-road, automaker will pay reservation holders to buy something else.
2022 Ford Bronco Wildtrak | Ford

Surprisingly, we’ve found a short list of the features Ford doesn’t want customers to order on their new Bronco. Unsurprisingly, it’s a bunch of the best and most popular features that are reasonably priced, for example, the Lux package and body-colored hardtops. The automaker’s bulletin reportedly says customers can drop specific features from their order if they want to keep the same trim level with the exception of the Wildtrak trim, which Ford is paying customers to replace.

According to , the Sasquatch package includes 17-inch Beadlock-compatible alloy wheels, 35-inch mud-terrain tires, a shorter final drive ratio with electronically lockable front and rear axles, raised suspension and modified fenders. The Lux package has its own characteristics but also requires the High package. It adds adaptive cruise control, a 10-speaker B&O audio system, navigation, evasive steering assist, a heated steering wheel and a wireless smartphone charging pad.

Why does Ford need to pay customers not to buy the Bronco?


If you’ve never been interested in buying one before, you might not know the whole situation. Since it began production, the Bronco has been in short supply due to the ongoing global chip shortage. With the difficulties in manufacturing the vehicle, the automaker cannot keep up with its popularity. As a result, it has previously provided reservation holders with incentives to keep them hooked. For example, Bronco-themed hammocks and backpacks so they’ll “stay there.”

Plus, when an unreserved Bronco hits a dealer’s lot, they’re gone almost as soon as they arrive. Additionally, many retailers have taken it upon themselves to mark up the price above the MSRP because they know desperate customers are willing to pay a premium. Luckily, he spoke out against doing it, but that didn’t stop him completely.

Let’s hope the offer of prize money helps Ford with Bronco production. With many customers buying another model or an easier-to-build version of the off-road SUV, it could free up inventory so reservation holders can receive their prize.

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