Bing AI-Powered Search & Edge Browser Grow Users & Engagement

Microsoft has published new insights into how the AI-powered Bing and Edge browser are achieving exponential growth. They shared that they expect continued growth as more features and capabilities are rolled out.

Growth is validated by Bing

Microsoft writes that the steady growth in active users of Bing search records new records.

While acknowledging that they’re still in the single digits, it’s heartening that they’re now facing 100 million daily active users, with nearly a third of those new to Bing.

They see this as confirmation that reinventing the search experience is on the right track.

Increased participation in research

Microsoft also mentioned that people are using Bing more times on a daily basis, which is evidence of the growth in engagement.

They said two trends were driving their rapid growth:

  1. Continued growth in the use of the Edge browser
  2. Bing link improvements

Edge browser is growing exponentially

Microsoft notes that the Edge browser has seen steady growth over the past seven quarters, nearly two years of continuous growth.

Screenshot from Google Trends

Google Trends data for the keywords “Edge Browser” and “Edge Browser Download” indicates slow and steady growth.

Microsoft wrote that it will soon integrate Bing Search and Create to the Edge Sidebar, noting that they expect this to lead to further growth.

Bing’s link quality is at an all-time high.

The blog post also shared that Bing’s new AI-powered search has greatly improved relevance, which in turn helps drive growth.

Microsoft shared:

“The second factor driving experience and usage is that our core web search rankings have taken several significant leaps in terms of subject matter due to the introduction of the Prometheus model, so our Bing search quality is at an all-time high.”

How is Bing + Chat used?

Microsoft also shared stats on Bing + Chat usage

They noted that about a third of Daily Preview users use the chat feature on a daily basis, with more than 45 million chats to date.

Microsoft wrote:

Almost a third of Daily Preview users use Chat daily.

On average, we watch approximately three conversations per session with over 45 million total conversations since the preview began.

And 15 percent of chat sessions are people using Bing to create new content that shows we’re extending search to creativity. “

Bing Mobile App 6x Growth

The amazing discovery is that Bing Mobile AI Copilot has seen a 600% growth.

The Android version of the app has more than 10 million downloads.

In the Apple App Store, Bing search is the #24 highest rated productivity app.

Search powered by Bing AI & # 038;  Edge browser is growing users & # 038;  Engagement

Microsoft published:

“We’re also excited to see the new Bing taking off on mobile phones due to the release of the new Bing Mobile app. On the small screen, answers and chats, now with voice input, are much more useful, and have led to a 6-fold increase in daily active users from what levels before launch.”

Exciting days for Bing and Edge

Microsoft Bing is going through a wave of growth propelled by providing a useful clue as to what the future of search could be. Their integration of new features is creating buzz, which is confirmed by the growth in Bing and Edge.

Read Microsoft’s progress report:

New releases of Bing and Edge – progress since our first month

Featured image by Shutterstock / Asier Romero

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