3 Reasons the Toyota RAV4 Is Due for a Redesign

The RAV4 is in the country. The RAV4 outperforms cheaper models and SUVs with better performance specifications. It has become the American SUV by far. The question is, how long can the Toyota RAV4 stay on top? Here are three reasons why the Toyota RAV4 needs to be redesigned as soon as possible.

Toyota redesigns the RAV4 every four to six years

Toyota redesigns the RAV4 every four to six years based on the latest generations. According to , the fourth generation lasted from the 2013 model year to the 2018 model year. The third generation lasted from the 2006 model year to the 2012 model year. The second generation lasted from the 2001 model to the 2005 model. The first generation is duration from the original 1996 RAV4 to the 2000 RAV4.

. Honda’s small SUV is now one of the most expensive options on the market. That said, the CR-V is a more attractive value-wise offering than in recent years.

Mazda recently released the , a small SUV that is sturdier than the CX-5 but still affordable. It’s also more spacious. The small SUV segment is becoming more and more competitive with time. If Toyota wants its small SUV to stay on top, it’s time for the RAV4 to get a makeover.

Toyota has been on a redesign spree


Some redesigns aren’t as impactful. Other redesigns can change a vehicle’s entire trajectory. The redesign of the Toyota Tundra has been one of the biggest redesigns of the decade so far. The Tundra nameplate had become outdated, and its sales suffered as it was inferior to newer models. After its redesign, the Tundra became much more competitive thanks to a nice interior, updated exterior and better fuel economy.

It got a redesign for the 2023 model year and is a more enticing offer than it has been in years. Toyota recently redesigned the Prius and announced the Grand Highlander, a larger version of the Toyota Highlander.

Toyota is updating its vehicle portfolio. It’s only fitting that its best-selling model gets the next redesign treatment.

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