3 Reasons the 2024 Toyota Tacoma Is Worth the Wait

Another year has come and gone, and the Tacoma is the best-selling midsize truck again. For 17 consecutive years now, the model has sat atop the sales charts. However, for 2023, it may be time to wait before buying it. We think you should know a few things about the upcoming 2024 Toyota Tacoma that might make you want to wait for it. Here are three reasons why 2024 will be worth the wait.

The 2024 Toyota Tacoma will be redesigned inside and out

According to 2024, it is scheduled to be redesigned. As a result, the exterior is expected to take on an all-new look for the first time since 2016. On top of that, one of the Tacoma’s most glaring issues, the outdated interior, will likely be resolved. With the recent redesign of the full-size Sequoia SUV and full-size Tundra truck, the Tacoma is next on the automaker’s list. Entering the next generation, some things will undoubtedly be a lot different.

We have already seen. On top of that, it will look bulkier using the TNGA-F architecture, a body-on-frame platform used by the new Tundra, Sequoia and 4Runner. As mentioned, the modern Tacoma is heavily criticized for being uncomfortable and outdated compared to competitors.

That’s why the automaker is likely to add better quality materials throughout the cabin. Plus, a comfortable driving experience is essential to rival the luxurious ride of a Honda Ridgeline or GMC Canyon.

Infotainment upgrade

2023 Toyota Tacoma Interior | Toyota

Next, the 2024 Toyota Tacoma is expected to significantly improve its infotainment systems. The automaker doesn’t have any details available yet, but the truck will likely replace the 8-inch touchscreen with a larger unit, possibly the 14-inch found in the Tundra. After that, Android Auto should join the list for each trim level.

HotCars also assumes that the new Tacoma will have an updated, all-digital information display. In addition, the highly desirable off-road trims should feature new surround-vision cameras and other driver-assist technologies. We expect the interior to be more comfortable with more technology, particularly in the standard SR base trim.

Will the 2024 Tacoma be hybrid and electric?

Toyota Tacoma EV Concept Midsize Truck
Toyota Tacoma EV Concept | Toyota

Finally, the car is worth the wait because of the hybrid and electric powertrains. The current generation only offers two gas units. It’s an in-line four-cylinder engine that makes 159 horsepower and a V6 good for 278 horsepower. Unlike competitors, it does not have a hybrid powertrain in the lineup to lighten the load on owners’ wallets at the gas station.

One educated guess is that the new Tacoma will use a four-cylinder petrol engine with higher output thanks to either a turbocharged or hybrid system. The former could come from the Lexus NX 350 crossover, while the latter could borrow from the RAV4’s hybrid system. Since Tundra now offers hybrid engines, it would be silly not to add one to the Tacoma lineup.

Plus, an all-electric version of the Tacoma may be on the way. Although it may not be close to 2024, the automaker hasn’t ruled it out. The ability to compete with a Ford F-150 Lightning with a midsize truck and spend $0 on fuel looks excellent.

Why the 2024 Toyota Tacoma is worth the wait

In conclusion, there are a few important reasons why the 2024 Toyota Tacoma is worth the wait. First, the midsize truck is redesigned inside and out. As a result, the exterior will have a new design, and the old interior will use softer materials and gain a better ride quality. After that, the infotainment system and other in-cabin technology will get an upgrade. Finally, there’s a lot of potential for hybrid and electric powertrains for 2024. That means waiting another year could save you a lot of cash.

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