20-Year-Old Street Racer Gets 30 Years For Fatal Crash

The street is a selfish and stupid thing. The race is supposed to take place on closed circuits. Racing in an out-of-control situation is so dangerous that choosing to do so could result in fines and even jail time. When things go wrong, like this 20-year-old who crashed and killed another driver, you’ll be treated like a murderer. The 20-year-old street racer is facing more time in jail than he has been alive.

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Street racer kills innocent driver

According to him, 20-year-old Miguel Romero of Tesla, well, was sentenced to 30 years in prison for hitting an innocent woman with a car. When the accident happened, Miguel was only 18 years old. It took two years for the ruling to be overturned, but dropping it was a heavy one.

By force of force the driver of the Cherokee, 28-year-old Audrea Williams, was killed while her passenger was seriously injured. The Charger hit the Cherokee so hard that the Williams and her passenger were ejected from the car. Then the jeep caught fire.

Can you be charged with murder in a car accident?

One of the least reliable cars around, the 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee showcases its styling on stage.
2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee On Display | Rick Maiman, Bloomberg via Getty Images

A fatal accident due to reckless driving can be prosecuted as first degree homicide or first degree murder. Miguel was initially charged with second-degree murder and DUI, causing significant bodily injury. However, the trial that just ended in February found him guilty of first degree murder but kept his DUI.

The harsh reality of such crimes is that nothing will restore a lost life, no matter how severe the punishment. The family will remain grieving no matter how long he is imprisoned. The judge sentenced Miguel to one count of manslaughter and another 10 years.

The hope for such accusations and judgments is to send a message to Miguel and anyone else who wants to act a fool on the road.

Street racing is a big deal

The problem with street racing is that it’s hard to stop. Not only is it hard to see that happen, but then the cops also have to chase them down and catch them. The other problem is that people who race usually believe certain things about their driving skills that give them great confidence. That confidence, combined with the open road, is a recipe for disaster.

Local police departments have limited work for them on this front, but they are not giving up. In Birmingham, Alabama, the police are setting up shop at local hotspots for street racing and “shows.”

“We often find encounter groups traveling around town at high rates of speed, revving engines, and doing burnouts and donuts at intersections,” said the sergeant. Rodarius Mauldin.

“It’s all fun and games until someone drives beyond their capabilities and loses control of the vehicle, and that could end someone’s life or cause serious injury,” he explained.

Stupid street racing. Please, don’t do that.

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